Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Insanity Abounds

I haven't posted in nearly two weeks, I apologize. We haven't been able to connect to the internet where I live because for some reason a modem that worked perfectly fine before is now having issues and won't work for my laptop... but will still work for the PS3, explain that. Anyway, Ben and I have had a few calamities the past month, including being out of a car temporarily until we get the tire repaired and my job screwing us over.

Ben and I would have had the same job with CPI Corp. at PictureMe Portrait Studios, except they require that you make them your number one scheduling priority. Ben has school, he's a full time student and if he isn't then he cannot receive his GI Bill. Well, he was going to be starting work last Friday at one of the company locations near to where we live. I told him that the policy for scheduling is that whatever else you do cannot interfere with however they would schedule you. If it does they reserve the right to fire you. No, I'm not kidding. If you have a second job or go to school you have to make sure they know and that you never have to request a schedule change. So, anyway, the district manager calls him on Friday from a different location than the one she told him he needed to be and says, "unless there was a misunderstanding, you're supposed to be in today." He tries to politely explain that he cannot work for the company if he's going to school at the same time, there won't be enough time for one or the other.

Then she tries to fire him as he's quitting.

Our car is unable to be driven because even though we have all four tires we only have two bolts and lugs on one wheel, meaning that it is unsafe to drive. So, I'd been needing to get rides from friends and family and on Saturday I knew I'd be late, so I told my manager the night before. Well, I couldn't get a ride, no one was available. I called and told her this (by this point I don't even want to work there anyway), and she said she'd call me back when something was figured out. She never called me back, so I call back at 6:45, roughly fifteen minutes before close because by then they shouldn't have much business and things should be calm. The manager says things so quickly I cannot understand, but what I do catch is that they cannot reschedule me for two more weeks. I gave them plenty of notice and technically this would qualify as an emergency yet, because of something about my training, I'm being suspended for two weeks. Yeah, I'm looking for another job this is ridiculous.

Anyway, Algernon's babies are very well, they're 17 days old and cute as all heck. The boy I'm keeping has been named Galahad. It's so funny, I couldn't figure out what to name him and I was consulting with Ben for advice and he said Galahad. The little guy starts bruxing and kissing me! I took that as a yes :)

G'mornin, g'night or g'day

Afterthought: "Use words like just, nearly, only or a difference of  to make prices seem smaller than they actually are." That is in one of their training videos.