Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ratty Sniff: Ravencharm Rattery

 Ratty Sniff will be a series I'll be doing on any rattery I happen to come across that catches my attention. Either for the right or wrong reasons. Once I'm done with an overall evaluation, I'll be grading them on an F to A scale based on the Rat Adoption Guidelines that were listed out in a previous blog. It will be a simple positive/plus (+) or negative/minus (-) on each area of the list and depending on how well they score, they'll receive a grade accordingly. In the case of unknown information (unk) I'll count it as a negative/minus score as that information should be available on their site most of the time.

Okay, so during the initiation of the Ratty Sniff I was looking at another rattery that I wanted to review as well. This rattery impressed me throughout the entire time I was looking at the site. So, without further ado, here's Racencharm Rattery based out of Reno, Nevada.

Okay, so the first thing I noticed when I loaded her site was the fact that she had tabs that were right there, plain to see and very well organized. She also has a photo of the rattery sitting right at the front of the page as well. Which, if you live out of state, can be very handy to be able to look at online.

As I looked through her site I was impressed by the information that she gives so readily. That her goals are for health, temperament and conformation to show standards. A lot of times ideal conformation would worry me, but I get a sense that even if a rat isn't show perfect it doesn't mean that she won't love it, which is always important. She also states her ethics and guidelines right on the front page. She also links to the rattery which mentored her before she was given their breeding stock (the former breeder/owner had allergies that prevented her from continuing to breed).

She states when her does and bucks are bred (not before 8 months for does and not before 12 months for bucks). The only real complaint that I could have is the fact that she is a closed rattery, meaning that she does not allow people into the nursery. Not that she won't let them into her home, just her rat room. She does this for disease prevention in the colony. My opinion is that if you are concerned, ask adopters to wear fresh clothing, have them put plastic bags over their shoes and to tie back hair or put on a shower cap. People may complain, but it's about the health of the rats. Yeah, you may look silly for a a little bit, but it's a small price to pay to keep both the breeders colony and your new baby healthy and happy. She does, as stated before, have a photo of her rat room available right on her website. So far as I know you are allowed into her home, just not the main colony room itself. Which is an understandable precaution, but one that could be handled in other ways. It's up to the individual breeder in the end.

The only other thing that I would make a grievance about is the lack of a reimbursement plan being listed out on her site.

Another thing that absolutely impressed and I would even say floored me is that she has a recipe for homemade food mix on her site, with links to studies that explain why it is both corn and soy free.

Overall, she's gained my confidence in her ability to be responsible and trustworthy. So, grading time, let's see how she stacks up.

1. +
2. +
3. +
4. +
5. +
6. +
7. +
8. +
9. +
10. +
11. +
12. -
13. +

Grade: 92% A

Final Comment: There are small things that irk me personally, but overall the feel of the rattery and the website are enough to make me wish I had the ability to adopt from her. If you are around the Reno area and you are looking for a rat to adopt, I would recommend Ravencharm. She is what a good rattery is all about.

*Note: this may appear sort, it's also 1:30 am where I am right now, so I gave some quick highlights and a grade based on what I feel is important. The site is linked so that you can form your own opinion as well.