Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Persephone, Momma's little Manic Maniac

I actually woke up in the am and was able to wheel the rats out today. Yay! It's 74 outside but not inside and so now I'm huddled up in a chair with blankies and a Persepone Ratness who has found it to be her mission to explore the blankies, my shirt and on occasion steal my munchins. Now, normally, I wouldn't be blogging about her simply stealing my munchins (dry pasta, by the way, since I haven't mentioned what they are before) except for the fact not only is she stealing them, but she's stealing them out of my mouth. I will be in the middle of some lengths of angel hair pasta and all the sudden there's a cute rat face next to my mouth stealing some noodles right from between my lips! Then she takes them back into the cage (to build a stash no doubt).
*sigh* No wonder I'm a blubbering mess!

It isn't as though Persephone hasn't been manic and hyper, but today she just seems super hyper. It's like watching her while someone is holding onto a little ratness remote pressing the fast forward button just for kicks.

All the while Algernon is just snoozing in a rolley-polley-rat-ball-of-cuteness on the top shelf, none the wiser to this little ones' antics of Mummy treat stealing.

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