Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the Sake of My Sanity

Ben and I both deal with depression at times, his is more troublesome right now than mine. I'm more suffering anxiety than depression for the moment it seems. I've begun writing poetry again, it makes me feel like maybe things are turning for the better. I know things won't always be stressful, they won't always be peachy-keen. But at least they won't always be stressful. Ben and I are going out tomorrow, since he doesn't have class. Seeing a movie I do believe.

Last night was a late one. I really do have to figure out this sleep schedule thinga-ma-bobber-ish... yeah. Since I'd been making all sorts of crazy new toys for the babies, their cage needed cleaning. So I put them in their little travel box (a shoe box with air holes, a place for a water bottle if needed as well as bedding and fabric to burrow and sleep in). Well, there is a larger hole in the side that I didn't make and I'm fairly certain Persephone is willing to take advantage of it. She started to squeeze her little head out so I then had to gently nudge her back in and block that hole. Anyone who knows anything about rats knows that if their head fits, they fit. Not only this but Persephone is young and small and most definitely would have fit.

Man they are goofy. After I cleaned their cage and put some bedding and fabric in the bottom it was time for some ratty cleaning as well. That's right, bath time! Oh dear Lord this was a trip. I usually just bathe them in the bathroom sink in some warm water and this time was no different. What was different was the addition of some soap and get them extra clean. last time Algernon had a bath it was she and Demeter and I could manage them both because it was mainly managing Algernon (Demeter wasn't very active, that was the night she died).

Obviously this time was different. So much so that Ben had to take care of Algernon and I had to take care of Persephone. They were going nuts. So we finally get them all rinsed and get some nice ratty-sized towels and start drying them. Poor Persephone is shivering in my palms and just has this look of, "Momma! Why would you do this to me?"

Meanwhile, Ben is drying Algernon and when he gets to her belly he has her flipped over and starts giving her little scritches (which are just the byproduct of having to dry her with a towel) and she narrows her eyes at him but is smiling and bruxing. The only thing we can really translate this to is, "That feels good but I'm still mad!"

We finally finish drying them and I put the ratty blanket on top of their cage and let Persephone in so she can get warm. Ben puts Algernon on his shoulder and she licks him as if to say, "I forgive you, Daddy."

They are goofy! I've had dogs and cats but none of their personalities quite compare to a rat. It's hilarious. I love it.

On that note, g'mornin, g'night and g'day

Afterthought: Impossibility is improbability plus doubt