Friday, July 1, 2011

Ratty Feet!

So, being inspired by the site icon for Dapper Rat I decided to get foot prints from Persephone and Algernon yesterday. Now, being as this blog is young and I haven't delved completely into the rats' personalities I feel I should explain a few things.

1. Algernon is kind of shy and more reserved. So much so that at first, it was an ordeal just to get her out of the cage. She has warmed up considerably, today she even jumped into Ben's hand.

2. Algernon does not like being wet or dirty, however she dislikes being wet far more than being dirty, hence the bath time woes.

3. Persephone is a Momma's girl. Hardcore.

So, to explain what the process was, I took cheap sketch paper and a small amount of acrylic paint and added ratty feet. Sounds simple, right?

Well, Algernon went frantic. She was running about trying to figure out how to escape the evil Momma. Well, once her session was done and had a nice tail swish that wiped out some of the clearest prints, I dunked her a little warm water to clean the majority of the paint off so she wouldn't get too much in her system while grooming. These are Algernon's thoughts:

"Okay, Momma, I love you, I think, but this is weird! There's stuff on my feet and I can see where I've walked and ahhh crap, why are you putting more stuff on my feet?! Why are you making me walk on this? Why can't I run onto the couch? Why am I doing this? Gahhh! Now my tail's covered in it! Momma! What are you doing to me?! No! No! I already took a bath last night! Gahhhh! Why?! Why would you do this?! Where's Daddy? I am quite certain he would not approve of this!! Did you even let him know? *gasp* He doesn't know, does he? You are doing so many insane things and he doesn't even know! He will know! I will tell him when he gets home! Ahhh! Quit rubbing my belly! If you hadn't put me in that weird stuff and gotten me wet this wouldn't be necessary! Hmph!"

Persephone wasn't as frantic and was really curious of all that was going on. She walked around a bit and sniffed and looked at me all bright eyed and confused. She is so cute! These are Persephone's thoughts:

"Momma, what's this? Euuw, it feels weird! Whaa? So.. walk here? Okay. Whoa! I can see where I walked! Momma! Momma! MommaMommaMomma! I can see where I walked! Isn't that cool? Whoa, it still feels all weird. Oh cool, I can see where I walk again. S-so Momma, how's this stuff coming off? I don't wanna lick it. It smells funny! Gahh! Mommaaa! I already had a bath last niiiight! Wuh, huh? Why can't I walk up to your arm? *sniffle* I'm all shivery and I just want to sit in your shirt and love on you and get warm and dry. Momma? Ack! Ohh! Yay! You're drying me! Bahah! What the-momugeffurglebleg. Momma! I can't talk to you when you're all rubbing this towel all over my mouth! Speaking of which, why does my nose smell funny? Hey, hey, hey! Am I dry?"

Algernon was trying to escape onto the couch when I was cleaning her off, I had to grab her quickly before she darted under a cushion as the bottom of the couch isn't sealed off from the floor. She was just so obstinate and was sure she was going to escape my evil clutches. Persephone on the other hand was just calm and inquisitive. She acts very much like a child. In fact, there are times I have to remind myself she's a rat because she is so complexly cute. I will have to remind myself Algernon is a rat sometimes too, because her personality is just so wild (as in unique and surprising) and has grown and changed as we've had her with us.

If someone out there isn't quite sure if a rat is the right pet for them, I'd say to find someone who owns rats, whether it's a friend or an experienced owner/breeder. They can tell you all kinds of facts and will more than likely have a few really good stories to share of ratty antics. They aren't for everyone, they need a lot of attention and care, but they make great companions. The only complaint I has is that I wish they lived longer. Ten days to a rat is roughly one human year as far as the aging process. But honestly, I love rats and even if they have such short lives (2-3 years on a good average), I wouldn't have them any other way :)

G'mornin, g'night or g'day.

Afterthought: Why couldn't Lois Lane see that Clark Kent was superman? I mean, it was a pair of glasses for Heaven's sake!