Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is a belated post, and I need to take photos of the babies now that they are 3 days old and have peach fuzz. I also need to take photos of our new rescues. Until then, have these :)

Fée nesting with the babies the day they were born

Two days old and we have seven, one boy and six girls.

Yep, only one boy! We're keeping him and one other girl (at the very least) and we're really excited. We were holding Fée late into the morning just before she gave birth and we're seeing and feeling the pinkies move (gently of course) and one kicks Ben. It was so crazy. We're only adopting to friends and family for this first litter. We'll have all agouti based and some blues if I'm not mistaken.

Speaking of crazy, Ben and I both have jobs.. for the same company. Different districts, but it's still really awesome. We also cleaned up the living room today. Man, I didn't think we had so much stuff to just throw away! But, anyway, the babies are organized in a much better way now and we have a clean floor and more open space in our living room! Happy day!

Haha, anyway, pictures will be taken and updates will be given. 

G'mornin, g'night or g'day