Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iris, our new Houdini

So, this morning was... interesting. Ben comes into the room, fully dressed for the day and tells me Iris is missing. We spent the next half of our day trying to find her. She's a little sheepish and unlike Athena and Algernon, whom are allowed to roam freely when I think of it, she doesn't come just by having her name called. She also doesn't do what Athena does where if she gets stuck, she squeaks like mad to have Momma and Daddy rescue her from the evil couch.

So we spent the time trying to find her, wondering where she went and finally we thought that she may have gotten out and that we would never have her back. I was prepared to write that blog tonight. Luckily, I don't have to. Ben took a shower a little bit ago and when he went into the room to get dressed I heard the following, "no, no, no! It's okay, don't run away!" I immediately perked up and listened. He came out with Iris in his arms. She was spooked and I could understand. What's funnier is that a little bit earlier he noticed a tongue mark in the treat we put out to lure her. A mixture of honey, yogurt and peanut butter and I hadn't really thought that she was still in the house. I think more than anything I didn't want to get my hopes up.

So, Ben comes out holding our little escape artist and says, "do you know where I found her?" I didn't and then Ben answers, laughing, "in my underwear drawer!"

So, here I was, thinking she was gone forever and then there she is, like a sweet little mischief that I could never be mad at.

Before this incident we weren't able to pick her up easily, she was always a little skiddish. For the rest of the night Ben has been able to pick her up no problem. We put the rest of the bait mixture into the girls' grotto to let them celebrate the wonderful reunion of Iris with us.

In other news, I tried to play a practical joke on Bear and gave him a small chunk of pickle.

I never was a good practical joker. He took it, nibbled it for a second and just when I expected him to drag his mouth and glare, he snatched it from between the bars and ran away with it. He, Ares and Cream are insane. *sigh* I haven't broken it to them yet that they can't have too much of it or even have to it that often. Too much salt. Poor things, they'll be so heartbroken. *snicker*

G'mornin', g'night or g'day

Afterthought: Ben's first question upon having found Iris was, "how did you get in there?" I think we all know that feeling. :)