Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fée - A French Love Story

There she was, in the pale white sheen of the halogen lights far above her. She was a prisoner of a high-walled home of glass. Her prison-mates sat with her through meal-time, chewing disgustedly on bricks of dried gruel. How could anyone eat this? The quality of life miserable. Across the way she could hear more of her kind being taken away to be used in cold-blooded murder plots. She was safe from a fate such as that, she had a unique trait that differentiated her and made her beautiful. Along with the buying of her people there were many large beasts that were for sale of all shapes and sizes, perhaps being used as slaves. For all she could see there was so much more she couldn't. In the cell right next to hers and her companions were people whom people labeled pigs. She feared for her life at this point. She knew nothing of the world outside her cell.

Many faces came in and passed by, paying little attention to her, she didn't know if this comforted her or discouraged her. She knew many of her companions longed for days with people whom they could trust, people who would treat them well and give them wonderful and delicious food to eat with new friends in a new home. She hated the cell in which she was confined. She had no freedom and the only true shelter she could enjoy was small and crowding everyone into it would have been nigh impossible.

Yet, through all of this turmoil, she had love. Through all of the hardships and horror of her prison, she had managed to find that one true soul mate in whom she could confide and trust. His name was Nathan Drake, and if she could help it, she would never leave him behind. One day, so shortly after they had wed and began their family, Fée was bought. She was just pregnant, and no one knew, and here she was, being bought. The ones who took her also took people from across the way, the ones that are normally sold for cold-blooded power. She was welcomes into their home, given friends and food, a wonderful place to live and many great things. But she didn't have Drake, her wonderful Nathan Drake had to be left behind.

In that first night there was a casualty within her new home. A very small girl that had been purchased with her tried to get out and explore. She was fatally injured in the process. When her keepers woke they seemed terribly distraught, so much so as to give her a funeral and proper disposal of her body. She spoke of trying to keep beasts away so that they wouldn't be able to defile it. Her keepers left post-haste to her old prison to rescue more of her companions.

She began speaking to the others, asking how well the keepers treated them. A young woman with curious eyes told her about a woman who'd recently passed that was missing a foot, but that they took care of and loved regardless.

"When Hermione took ill, they gave her medicine and tried to keep her alive, they feel terribly that she didn't make it. There's also a boy over there," she gestured to the other side of the divide, "he has a malformed mouth, so they take special care to make sure he can eat."

Fée felt more at ease now, knowing that when she had her children they would be well taken care of. She still worried over the heart of her poor Drake. When her new keepers returned they a surprise in a transport carrier. Drake! Nathan Drake! Her heart leaped for joy, even if she couldn't be with him in the same home, she was with him nonetheless.


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Yeah, Fée is pregnant. Due any day now... Ben and I are excited. I am also a little crazy, this seemed like the best idea for how to express this.

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Afterthought: Unless I'd told you it was about a rat, would you have known?