Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artemis' RIP Memorial Photo

Our Art of Mischief, Artemis has passed. She tried too hard to get better, but from what we can tell she was running in the wheel when she passed. I couldn't look at her, that and I had to get dressed to be able to walk with Ben when he put her to rest outside, but Ben told me a little while ago that she had her trademark smile when she was laying there. It was the same smile that made him think she was only dreaming.

In another day or so I'll have photos taken and posted of our newest little rescue sweetie, Hermione. She is a little pistol, so daring and fearless. She is the perfect girlie to help us as we mourn the passing of our Art of Mischief as she accompanies Demeter at the rainbow bridge.

All I can really think to say in conclusion about this day is that Athena is hopping around and is so excited.  She's welcomed Hermione and has just been so happy. It was crazy the first time we saw Hermione jump from Ben's shoulder to the big girls' cage. Mind you, she's missing her front left paw. She later jumped from Ben's shoulder to my chest because she knew I could get her closer the mirror we were standing in front of. She's more than we expected and the best we could have hoped for. I will miss Artemis, but at least I know she's no longer hurting.

Wait for us, little ones, we'll see you one day, and we'll make sure to bring plenty of treats.

G'mornin, g'night or g'day

Afterthought: Rats don't have disabilities, they have adapt-abilities.