Friday, July 22, 2011

We've Got A Ghost! A Minky-Mad Ghost!

You know, when we bought Athena I knew she would cause mischief. She's a mink, it's bound to happen. But oh sweet mother of ratty cuteness! She's so... so... full of mischief! Okay, so since we got Hermione, Athena has been really sweet and happy. She was all bouncy and adorable and giddy. This hasn't changed, she's still happy and sweet. But now she's mischievous as well. She's been jumping up to the side of the trunk where she will then do a high-wire stunt across the side. Her little feet balance right on the side and walk around, looking amused at the goings on in the apartment. She's been doing this most of the day and at one point I put the fabric bin next to the trunk so she'd have a place to actually go when she was up there.

Well, this was cute and fun.... at first. We put the trunk on top of the cage, like we normally do, and just let them sit for a bit. Putting the trunk on top of the cage takes up less space and makes them easier to transport. That and the trunk is barely wider than the cage lengthwise but it thinner width-wise. Anyway, the trunk is on top and the ratties are pushed off next to our freezer. It's a floor freezer that opens from the top. Well, Miss Minky Mischief decided the freezer would be an awesome place to explore.

So, I hear a bit of crunching, like a plastic grocery bag. Ben and I had gone shopping earlier for some food for breakfast over the weekend and a loaf of bread was still bagged on the freezer. So surely enough, Athena has found it her duty to hop in the bag and check it out. I put her back in the cage and grabbed a light piece of fabric and put it over the bin, telling Hermione to make Athena behave. Mind you, this took maybe five seconds in all. I see motion out of the tops of my eyes, just a faint bit of movement on the counter. Athena had hopped out of the bin and was running around on the counter. I went after her, laughing the entire time and called Ben over to see the ridiculousness of it all. By the time he came over Athena had found her master hiding spot... right behind the coffee maker. We're both laughing, I grab Athena and have to hand her to Ben because I'm laughing too hard to hold on to her.

That was earlier today, later we were sitting around and she was on the edge of the bin every few seconds it seemed. Ben was over by the window and I was just amazed at how quickly she was hopping up and how stubborn she was. I thought Persephone was stubborn... she has nothing on Athena. So I finally yelled to Ben that we have "a ghost! A minky-mad ghost!"

We ended up putting a heavier fabric on top and are trying to figure a way to make a lid for the trunk since I had to take its hinged lid off.

G'mornin, g'night or g'day

Afterthought: If I live north of Georgia the weather shouldn't be allowed to get above 75 degrees F in the summer.