Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Oh my gosh. I do not know how these girls can be so cute and lovable but stink so badly at times. I mean, he day before yesterday they smelled a sweet and cute and... ratty. But yesterday evening I went to kiss Persephone's belly and landed on Algernon urine. Luckily it only got on my lower lip and I didn't taste it or anything.. but still. I smelled Persephone as well, and she smelled like pee. So yeah, bath time. They still don't like it. This time we went straight for bathing our own girlies, Ben with Algernon and myself with Persephone.

How are they so cute but so STINKY?!

So, Persephone is getting more skilled at stealing food straight from my mouth. That's awesome. Actually it's pretty cute just kind of.. distracting. She's now formed two stashes of pasta. It's crazy and cute.

Did I mention she ONLY wants the ones in my mouth? Yeah, I had one set in my lap for her but she wouldn't take it. I lick it... and she runs off with it.. *sigh* Goofy girl.

Anyway, g'mornin, g'night or g'day

Afterthought: A lie doesn't have to be made up.. any absence of truth makes a statement at least a partial lie.