Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mining For Gold Would Be Easier

So, I'm fairly certain at this point I've given Persephone her own weight in pasta. Where is she hiding it?! It's split between the drawers and the cage. There is no pile of pasta in either that I can see. A few times I've seen her take some food to the lower level of the drawers and rustle in some fabric. That is the only clue I have. I gave her some saltine today as well while I was eating some soup. It's like David Copperfield in a rat costume.

In other news, I cleaned the floor and detangled cables! Yay! So, I let them down for a bit last night while Ben and I were on the floor. Turns out Algernon is stubborn. VERY stubborn. Every time Ben and I put her down and didn't watch her constantly with one hand hovering over her she went straight for the game systems and, you guessed it, the cords that are around them. While the main floor area is cleared, there are still plenty of cords by the systems (4 in total [ps2 &ps3, xbox &360] so yeah, a lot of cords) plus a surge protector. *sigh*

Persephone has been sneezing and last night it was really bad so I went online and was frantically searching for symptoms of a resp. infection. Turns out, she isn't sick. She and I actually have a similar problem... dust allergy. So guess who needs to dust. Yep, me.

Algernon's fur color has once again been redetermined, we are now positive she is fawn colored with variegated berkshire markings. Her eyes are ruby, not pink and this is the only reason we know she isn't silverfawn. But she is too creamy to be argente. Not nearly orange enough. Persephone is a BEW and so I don't actually know what she would be save for the blue agouti color that is patched down her back.

These guys keep me busy, I swear. Ben has Friday off until Summer B starts, then his schedule will change again and I'm fairly certain he'll have classes five days a week. But tonight this means games, pizza, movies and fun. We're thinking of spending the weekend in, we've been out the last 2 or 3 and so we both agree we need a weekend to ourselves.

We usually do this, where we'll have 2 or 3 weekends a month where we go out to spend time with friends but then at least one weekend where we stay in.

Anyway, I need to build up the motivation to do dishes. Oh. Joy.

G'mornin, g'night or g'day.

Afterthought: What happens if you put super glue on a non-stick pan?